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We want future-proof systems.

For a successful eco-social trans- formation, we need everyone onboard. Systemic Design views the ecological, economic, technological, political and social phenomena as interconnected and is aware of their intercultural context. It also means to work with all stakeholders involved to co-creatively develop solutions. We use interdisciplinary and design-based methods to create and envision desirable futures.

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Who we are

We are a group of system thinkers and doers, working toward the protection and regeneration of our planet, CO2 neutrality and social justice. We want #systemchange instead of #climatechange.

We think and act systemic.
We enjoy complexity and celebrate diversity.
We live and design for transformation.
We believe in the power of creativity and conscious design.
We see the human being as protector of the planet and accept this responsibility gracefully.
We pledge to regularly reflect on our mental constructs and our processes.
We communicate openly and honestly with each other.
We fight for holistic health in humans, animals and ecosystems.
We give each other hope and believe that collectively we have the ability to create a beautiful and liveable future for all.

What we do

We realise projects, campaigns and events together with other For-Future- groups, to inform about the necessity of systemic change and inspire action toward an eco-social transformation. The aim is to connect and activate as many supporters as possible, to leverage the power of an active and aware civil society.

Current Projects


for pharmacy display windows in Berlin, together with Pharmacists for Future and Psychologists for Future

_Event Series

Planned start: April 2023


‘Past, Present & Future: Co-creating life-centric futures’
Next playtest: February 2023

Join us

We are happy about every new member! We usually meet digitally once a month to plan, discuss and inspire each other. Please join our slack channel to always stay up to date. In case of questions, queries or suggestions please write to us at the following address: info@systemsforfuture.de

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